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DayZ Wiki Update Project! We need you to help us keep our pages and images up to date! Want to get started? Follow the link or Join the Update Project on Discord! The Fence is a player-built fortification in DayZ Standalone.

Fences are modular player-built walls used in constructing or fortifying a base. Consisting of one or two base frames made of wood and one to two panel sections made from either wood or sheet metal. Fences can also be covered in a Camo Net for more concealment and can also have Barbed Wire mounted to one or both of the panel sections using Pliers. Players can also construct platforms and stairs behind the fence wall, allowing sight over the wall without needing to leave the structure.

Additionally, Fences can be modified with Metal Wire and Pliers to construct a Gate for entry and exit into a survivor's base. The Gate can also have a Combination Lock attached to stop wandering survivors and bandits from walking in. Below is the list of Equipment and Resources required to build a basic Fence with no optional attachments and sections. Once a location has been selected for the Fence and the Fence Kit has been deployed, attach the two wooden logs to the deployed Fence Kit.

With the Shovel equipped, the option to construct the Fence Base will become available. With the Fence Base constructed, attach the required amount of Planks and Nails to the fence, equip either a Hammer or Hatchet and the option to construct the frames will become available.

Each panel section can be constructed from either wood or metal but not both. However, both panel sections need not be constructed with the same material, allowing Survivors to mix and match the paneling to their liking.

dayz attachment icons

To complete the Fence, attach the appropriate amount of Nails and Planks to the fence and begin construction with the Hammer or Hatchet in hand. To complete the Fence, attach the appropriate amount of Nails and Sheet Metal to the fence and begin construction with the Hammer or Hatchet in hand.

To add an elevated platform to a Fence simply attach the required Planks and Nails to the fence, equip the Hammer or Hatchet and the option will become available. The platform only requires the fence base to be built in order to be constructed. Attach the required Planks and Nails to the fence, equip the Hammer or Hatchet and the option to construct the stairs will become available.

Status effects

Sign In. From DayZ Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Extendable fence. One of the key elements of enclosing an area. Fence Kit.

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ShovelPliers Hammer or Hatchet.Hello there community I have something to confess. I have kept a secret from you cos I am selfish, but no longer. Turing the infection BOOM I managed by accident figure out that softskills have been implemented into DayZ and here is how it works, kinda:. On the left side of your screen, when you open your inventory with TAB, you can see needle and hammer Now I do not know what the skill will be once it gets really close to needle. When it gets close to hammer, you will produce double the amount of resources when chopping down a tree, illustrated below.

Cause as soon as you mix it up it will reset the bar in the middle. I presume it was done so players would work together and to get all skills in one group, there would be need for cooperation. Otherwise one person would max out all these skills. Thank you, hope it helps you out and I hope someone figures out what happens when it gets close to needle.

I had no idea this was actually a working feature, thank you Shanoby. Maybe if you lean to the needle and thread side it requires much less from a sewing kit or duct tape to repair items? Or maybe youd get better quality meat from skinning animals?

Yeah, will be interesting once someone goes and tests this. I will wait for response and so I could add it to guide. Oh neat to discover! I haven't done much resource gathering, I'll have to see if I can get my bar all the way over on the needle side of things.

I'll keep track of how much I use to repair at the start and at the end and see if I notice any differences.

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I was noticing something after having repaired 30 million different outfits but it could have been a bug. Sometimes when I repair shit, actually most times I repair clothing and equipment up to pristine quality and not just worn. I assumed it might be that I was hoping it might either not use kits at all and you can endlessly repair or make things Pristine Quality.

If someone can prove this, please add picture as well for the guide, thanks. How do you 'choose' what skill you want to perfect? No I do not think it was announced, I have heard nothing about it.

I just figured it out by accident If you do the one and then the other, then the SKILL arrow will reset in the middle and you will get neither benefit. I had noticed it before but since it appears to reset to zero after some time even without mixing stuff up, I never bothered with it. Thanks for sharing, maybe we can dig the code out make soft-skills of our own! Well when I discovered it, it stayed with my character for a week or so, but then died But who knows it might just be a bug You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Status effects are the different physiological conditions experienced by the player's character in DayZ.

Some statuses have multiple stages; others have only a single stage. Players are informed of their character status via status messages in the bottom left corner of the screen. There is only one stage of bleeding, but blood loss may differ based on the severity of the wound. Thirst transitions through three stages: light dehydration, moderate dehydration and severe dehydration. Pain is a condition caused by moderate or serious injury and characterized by involuntary shaking.

Being in pain makes it difficult to aim in first-person. A broken leg is a condition caused by serious damage to the legs. Having a broken leg prevents walk or crouching movement and limits the players movement to crawling only. When the player's character is fully fed and watered, they will begin to regenerate blood or health. There are three stages of healing: light regeneration, moderate regeneration and healing. Being stuffed is caused by consuming more food or drinks than the character's stomach can contain.

There are three stages of being stuffed: stuffed, fully stuffed and vomiting. A foot injury is caused by walking or running without wearing shoes. Moving over different terrain deals different amounts of damage to the feet as well as the movement speed. Wearing shoes negates some damage at the expense of their condition.

There are two stages of foot injury: sore and injured.

How To Get Rid of The Bacteria Symbol & Survive Cholera, Salmonella, & Vomiting - DayZ On Xbox/PS4

Unconsciousness is caused by either shock or lack of blood. There is only one stage of unconsciousness. Shock is caused by damage to the head, which can be negated by wearing protective headgear like helmets. Food poisoning a potentially life threatening condition that has up to six stages based on the severity. Food poisoning typically occurs by consuming rotten foodbut may also occur from consuming the contents of an alcohol tincture.

Chemical poisoning is comparable to severe food poisoning.

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There are six stages and a high chance of mortality. Chemical poisoning is typically caused by consuming disinfectant spray and eating poisonous berries In the latest update, eating poisonous berries causes chemical food poisoning effects, not food poisoning effects.

Drink water from a well until you vomit. If the "Sick" status marker doesn't disappear, vomit again until it does. At this point the underlying illness might not be resolved.

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Over time you might again see messages about feeling queasy, exhausted, etc. If so, and especially if the "Sick" marker re-appears, find a well and vomit again. As a general good practice, try to remain well nourished and hydrated between episodes of the illness. It's confirmed that survival is possible without antibiotics. It's likely, but not yet confirmed, that survival is possible without charcoal tablets or vitamins.

A hemolytic reaction is a severe reaction to receiving a blood transfusion of incompatible blood types.This page will list all of the equipment available in DayZ. Equipment are items that can be worn or used.

dayz attachment icons

Typically, equipment items have unlimited uses or do not disappear after use. Backpacks are used to store multiple items that are not in use like weapons and consumablesbut items must be moved into clothing or the hands before they can be used. Clothing is apparel that is worn to change appearance, visibility or to provide protection from the elements, or projectiles and attacks.

Natural resources that the player can collect from nature or by hunting animals. Tools are used to aid the player in some way, including navigating or surviving. Some can also serve as weapons. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. File:Beanie hat. File:Boonie hat s. File:Flat cap s. File:Motorbike helmet. File:Zimovka cap s.

File:Designer sunglasses s. File:Rocket aviators s. File:Blackskull Balaclava s. File:Dallas mask. File:Gas mask s. File:Hoxton mask s. File:Respirator s. File:Wolf mask s. File:Canvas pants red s. File:Canvas pants short s.

File:Cargo pants s.DayZ Wiki Update Project!

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We need you to help us keep our pages and images up to date! Want to get started? Follow the link or Join the Update Project on Discord! User Interface is the catch-all term for the visual elements which communicate information to a player and allow them to interact with the world they occupy. In DayZ, the goal is to maintain as little of an interface layer as possible in order to keep immersion levels at their maximum and distracting visual noise at a minimum.

This has resulted in design aspects which are aimed at telling the player what they need to know without flashing it in their faces. Below are the primary screens where a player will interact with the game, and additional areas of the interface can be learned about by visiting the "See Also" section at the bottom of this page.

The Main Menu is the screen you will find yourself at when initially launching DayZ. This is where you can access everything you need to jump into a server and start playing, as well as configure the game to your liking.

The bottom-left corner of the screen will also display what version of the DayZ client you are currently using.

The background image changes everytime the game is launched and are areas within Chernarus. The In-Game Menu is accessed by using the Esc key by default while you are already connected to a server.

This presents many of the same options a user would find on the game's main menu, such as settingsand will similarly display what version of the DayZ client you are currently using. The server's version of DayZ is displayed as a text message in the Gameplay Interface see below when a player initially connects to a server.

The Gameplay Interface is everything that is potentially visible on a player's screen when they are actually playing the game, separate from what is visible in the Inventory screen see below.

An absolutely minimal and at times even non-existent user interface is part of what makes DayZ Standalone unique from other games, but there is some critical information communicated to the player while they are adventuring that would otherwise require them to more frequently open their Inventory screen -- reducing the feeling of immersion. Your Inventory is the screen where you can access and manipulate all of the items on your person and those on the ground in close proximity to you.

To view your character's inventory, you need to press the Tab key by default. Though this screen is used to display a number of things, when a player refers to their "inventory" what they really mean is the space or "slots" in which equipment and weapons are stored and kept on a character. The number of inventory slots available for you to use will vary depending on what kind of clothing you are wearing and whether or not you are equipped with a backpack. Different items of clothing will have a differing number of slots depending upon how many pockets they have, for example, and can be arranged in many different ways 6 rows x 2 columns vs.

Certain pieces of equipment, such as the Chest Holstercan only hold a specific kind of item in this case, a handgun. You can also use your Inventory tab to view items on the ground in your vicinity and either pick them up, use them, or use them in crafting.

dayz attachment icons

While you are in the Inventory screen you can choose to craft items, eat food or drink beverages, use medical supplies on yourself or others, and manage your supplies. You can also use the Inventory screen to assign items to what is known as the "hotbar" at the bottom of your screen in order to quickly use them with one key press; all you have to do is click and drag an item to the desired slot -- 1 through 10 -- at the bottom of the screen.

The number of available slots on your hotbar is determined by the clothing you are wearing; generally speaking the more slots that a piece of clothing has itself, the more likely it is to contribute additional slots to the hotbar as well. In addition to being used for the management of your gear, the Inventory screen is also employed to present information about the character you are playing.

The center part of this screen displays a zoom-able, full-body view of your character which can also be rotated for a complete review. This is useful for telling, at a glance, what the condition of your clothing is at that moment. Above that and to the right you'll find status indicator icons that represent a multitude of player health conditions such as energy, hydration, temperature, etc. Sign In. From DayZ Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch.

This article contains outdated information.The new 1. We are adding the Repeater Carbine which uses. This new update also focus on important fixes, from small gameplay tweaks to the inventory fixes that were affecting the players experience since the release of the 1. You will also be able to find the newly added Amusements Parks, which are scattered across Chernarus. PS: As mentioned earlier, the Console Update 1.

Once the 1. As it wasn't a problem 2 patches ago. Third person servers will have the bright night, and the first person servers will run with the dark night. It is hoped that the build system will be more complete, not so easy to be dismantled, and better balanced. If survival can't try to protect their property, it is very painful, because this is not just an FPS game, because the search for materials is very long, and the battle is often short.

Have noticed in the exprerimental 1. Error in the LOD models. At the long distance zombie girl has blue sport suit but at the close range it turns to the brown version. Maybe It can be experienced at the 1. Please check. Any suggestions? Can you give us better definition? M4 for console maybe???? Patch has not improved anything on this issue.

We want a real dark night just like it should be in dayz. That fixed it, thanks! Uncle Jack. The issue was the debug monitor - disable it and the issue will resolve. Hey i am having issues with hosting DayZ on my Dell poweredge in my home The "nightlight" that surrounds the player is still too bright when creeping around at night time.

I feel like it needs a massive reduction or turning off completely? I was playing on a First Person Only official Livonia server.

User Interface

Only solution if there have To be some nighlight woul be that its only "on" when player character is walking or staying still but even then after fade in effect. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Stable Update 1. Recommended Posts. Posted February Watch the trailer, and read the patch notes below. NOTES Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.DayZ Wiki Update Project!

We need you to help us keep our pages and images up to date! Want to get started? Follow the link or Join the Update Project on Discord! Weapon Attachments are used in DayZ Standalone to enhance a weapon.

dayz attachment icons

These attachments fill multiple roles, but include increased stability, sound mitigation, and optical enhancement. If you find an attachment, it will have an item condition like every other thing in the game. For example, if you find a PU Scope attachment, with an item condition of Damaged, it will have cracks in its lenses. If the item has a condition that is greater than Worn, it will not have any cracks. Sign In.

From DayZ Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. This article contains outdated information. Some or all of the information present may not be reliable until this page is updated. Please help improve this article if you can.

The Discussion page may contain suggestions. Reason: " Needs Weapons Added Since 1. Categories : Outdated articles Attachments Updated for 1. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.

DayZ Update 1.07 available for download, adds new content, fixes numerous bugs, full patch notes

This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. KA Folding Buttstock. KA Polymer Buttstock. KA Wooden Buttstock. M4-A1 Telescopic Buttstock. M4-A1 MP Buttstock. SG5-K Folding Buttstock. SaigaK Buttstock. KA Wooden Handguard.

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