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The four-year old Izuku Midoriya sat in a chair at the doctor's office, where he and his mother were eagerly waiting for the results of Izuku's quirk test. Izuku was playing with his All Might action figure while his mother looked on, happy that her son had the dream of becoming a hero.

Izuku turned to his mother with a questioning look on his face. The door opened and the doctor entered the room, his face looked somewhat troubled.

Valentine's Special - Valentine - Midoriya Izuku x Listener {BNHA ASMR Fanfiction Reading}

Inko noticed this which made her nervous as she didn't want Izuku's dream of becoming a pro hero be crushed at his age. The doctor sat down on his chair and scratched his head with a pen. Inko was relieved that Izuku had a quirk and that his dream wasn't shattered, but she still wondered about what the doctor meant with his statement. Is his quirk A rated?! Out of points which are given in the quirk test, Izuku reached the full points. While Inko still looked shocked, Izuku on the other hand had a giant smile on his face.

Inko was laughing and the doctor looked happy too. Come on Izuku let's get home, we can make Katsudon" Izuku and Inko went home with Izuku only being able to think about how he will be like All Might. Izuku arrived at the playground the next day. Bakugo and the others were playing already.

He ran over to them, a giant smile on his face not being able to wait to tell Bakugo about his quirk ranking. Bakugo and his goons were stunned for a second before Bakugo decided to further mock Izuku. You're crazy, not even All Might has that many points!

He probably said 10 and you just didn't listen correctly" Bakugo said laughing at the green-haired boy. While Izuku was slightly angry he began glowing, which didn't go unnoticed. As soon as Izuku focused on the fact that he was glowing the light that he emitted, disappeared.

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That was your stupid weak quirk! The year old greenette was lost in thoughts, walking towards his school while mentally thinking about his future as a hero.

Izuku arrived in his classroom sitting down silently, not even looking at the others who were making fun of him once again. When the teacher entered the classroom he began talking.

izuku fanfiction

You guys are all third years now. I'll pass out handouts for your future plans now, but you all are pretty much planning on going to the hero courseright? A loud "YES! The teacher calmed them down and was about to say something when Bakugo jumped onto his desk creating explosions in his hands.

A High entrance exam.

izuku fanfiction

Of course, Bakugo wasn't finished and started mocking his class some more. A and I'll be the one to beat All Might! A too, right? His quirk can't even activate on demand!

After class while Izuku was packing up he was approached by Bakugo and his goons.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Midoriya Izuku is adopted. Adopted by the creators of the universe.

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Midoriya Izuku inherited his father's quirk, All for One, and is forced to keep it a secret from all but his best friend. With the promise that he could someday live freely with his quirk, he aims to be a hero. Villains from another country seek to invade, interrupting All-Might and All for One's first battle five years prior.

What results is a shaky truce, one that could make or break Japan as they know it. Hopeful heroes push forward with hope in their eyes, but how will they feel when they find out what really waits for them?

When Midoriya Hisashi decided to move his family to America, he definitely did not foresee adopting another kid when Izuku was ten, nor did he foresee his sons becoming vigilantes, or getting caught, or being press ganged by the government into remaining Heroes for good publicity.

He sure as hell did not foresee these decisions leading them to get thrown back home and back to UA, where they were always meant to be, in any universe. Sometimes, you just have to make sure the world keeps turning. And for Izuku, there is no choice: Mockingjay's world always keeps turning, so he can keep the worlds of everyone else in motion. At first izumi was kidnapped to be tomuras new playmate but when they found out her quirk well the league just landed the golden egg of the generation too bad she's got a heart of gold.

The story were all for kidnapped izumi so tomura had someone to play ith but found out she had a rare and powerfull quirk so while they try to torture her to join them. Then a flaming pile of hit comes and mkes izumi life so much harder. A small girl with both the power to build and destroy has awakened her potential. The only question is, whether she would take the path of peace or succumb to the depths of chaos in which she came from. The Fire Flower's Story Begins Just when Izuku felt things were looking up from him, the damned world was overtaken by the League of Villains.

Dealing with tragedy daily and being pushed into desperate corners is annoying, especially now that he's the symbol of hope. He thought he could at least enjoy coming home into the arms of the man he loved, but the world doesn't give him a break, does it!? Imagine his surprise when Ochako, his second in command, comes to wake him up on the first day of Yuuei!

Not only does he have to prevent an apocalypse, but woo his cold, reserved boyfriend all over again? And where's the ring he spent a fortune on!? First time sharing a Fanfic, so let me know what you guys think Okay, let me try this again.

izuku fanfiction

Izuku has a quirk, from his eyes he can see numbers next to people's heads, he doesn't understand the numbers at first but coming face to face with a doctor that had a number higher than he has ever seen he understands that a high number isn't good. Izuku has lots to figure out about his quirk so join the ride. This is mature since there will be some gore in later chapters.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. One shots of Female Izuku. I'll accept requests as long as the follow my rules which are the first chapter. In frequently updated. I don't own my hero academia. Young Izuku Midoriya meets Tenko Shimura.

A young man who has the power to decayed anything with all five of his fingers. She finds herself in a world that can either help her or destroy her and everything that she ever loves. Will she stay with Tenko or run away from him before it's too late? Part 1 of Villainous Love.

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Bond Sickness is a terrible illness brought on by the prolonged absence of a soulmate that can only be curbed by skin-to-skin contact. It starts off as a headache, then it's fatigue, and progresses to mimic the flu.

Hundreds of people die every year by misdiagnosing Bond Sickness as the flu every year, but nobody has been able to find a reliable testing method for the illness. In an attempt to regulate the severity of the illness, all students born with soul bonds attend a class when they are young that informs them about how to avoid Bond Sickness. Midoriya Izuka was born without her mother's quirk, or the Bond Mark that her mother hides under her sweater sleeve, so she never got the mandatory classes most kids her age get about all of the soulmate stuff.

However, after inheriting One for All from All Might, she starts to develop two bond marks that she knows are developing too quickly for her own good. After nearly succumbing to the illness, Izuka has to readjust to an entirely different lifestyle just to survive and learns to make the situation her own.

Meanwhile there's a dangerous villain on the loose and it's up to UA to stop him before they're the only ones left alive.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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Shoko Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya may be good friends by their second year of UA, but wrestling with new feelings for each other creates complications. Just when Shoko starts to believe she can be happy, Endeavor has other plans. Wherein Kakashi is reborn as Aizawa Shouta, in a world where everything is completely different—except he still manages to become a fighter, a teacher, and a hero.

Bakugou is in love with Midoriya. Too bad Midoriya is the most oblivious motherfucker out there, and Bakugou is too damn stubborn to actually ask him out. Will the class of 3-A survive the sexual tension?

Who will snap first? Someone put Bakugou out of his misery, please, before everyone else dies of second-hand embarrassment. This book will contain short stories from any and all AU's that I happen to dabble in. Each story will only take a single page. Mature chapters will be marked appropriately. Please enjoy. Tripping over boxes to his right, dodging stretchers on his left, and continuously running a hand through his frenzied hair to try and smooth it out. Oh, what the hellhe thinks.

Glancing down at his watch for the millionth time, Todoroki curses and grips the fabric of his suit tight enough that his knuckles turn white.

Make that two minutes. And his mission tonight, is to take the lives of a mother and her soon-to-be-born child. Little did he know, things were about to go haywire. One shots of Female Izuku. I'll accept requests as long as the follow my rules which are the first chapter.Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Dekuverse. Founder: morocko - Stories: 25 - Followers: 1 - Staff: 2 - id: BoredAndSleepy TeenGamer Now they are forced to watch their life across other worlds in hope that they can return their own.

Story reacted to is Prohibited Power by Griffin Strange, as well as original stories by me. Like now What does the future hold and, Can they change it?

To See the Past and the Future!

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High were not expecting their lives to be completely changed by the appearance of this mysterious visitor. They're in a T. They'll be learning about the past? And what the hell is Endeavor doing here! This is my take on the "Characters watch My Hero Academia". Class 1-A Watches Death Battle by Yugo Akiba Tokusatsu reviews Izuku finds a Strange looking boxes in front of the door of his bedroom, after contacting his fellow students they find the box is filled with Games,Movies,Comics and episodes of a show named "Death Battle" I decided to make of the reaction story of the greatest villain Deku AU story off all time.

Now we are going to have Class 1A and B, the U. Inspired by A view into the worlds beyond! Heroes-in-Traning watch Izuku by darkraizerGx1 reviews We all know the drill about these Watch Au fic, so i don't really need to do a summary. A view into the worlds beyond! A lot of things actually. Come and join the insanity of a reaction like this. I promise you will enjoy this. Rated T for safety. Let's see how Class 1A could react to their future as well as to the many secrets revealed.

Unless you see an Izuku Midoriya strapped to a chair with his head connected to Hatsume's latest invention via bunch of wires and ClassA getting popcorn. Terms of Service.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Izuku Doesn't care. Just generally good stories that I found, I'm trying to make sure there is no stories that are just clones of each other I've found a lot of stories that were not well written and they were all the same, it's kind of irritating and I'm also trying to find unique and interesting stories where Izuku had nothing to do with All Mights Quirk and had something else.

Please pm me if you're interested in being staff. Villain of Tomorrow by Farelyn reviews Izuku Midoriya was born without a quirk. Berated for being worthless, and told that his childhood dream of becoming a hero was futile. Tossed away, abandoned by everyone he knew.

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The one moment that led up to his downfall, changed him forever. Love and Justice by EternallyLostAuthor reviews 10 year old Izuku wanted to be a hero more than anything despite being Quirkless When confronted by a magical cat with a star shaped gem things start to get complicated. To combat the growing threat of the League of Villains, a briefing on their known members is presented to the teachers of U.

But which idiot decided to put Ms. Joke in charge of introducing the villains? One Shot! Joke - Complete. Digitalization by armysugakookie reviews Izuku—a boy who wanted to end his life after getting his dream crushed by his idol. Tobita Gentle —a teen who lost all faith in life after losing his last hope of becoming a hero.

Their lives were forever changed on that fated day. One would rise to be the villain praised by the society while the other would fall to the gutters, kicked aside like yesterday's trash. To Depart and Remain by n0t0k reviews Izuku dies before All Might can save him from the sludge villain. Yet, despite this rather unfortunate setback, Izuku still manages to become a hero.

izuku fanfiction

It was a small lie, easier to say than 'my human skin is too small and some bits slip out' despite the fact he never checked whether or not he had that toe joint. Izuku wasn't born Quirkless. He was born something else. Cuteness Overload by shockingEvacuation reviews When the 1-A dorms finally get a class pet, the kitten seemed to warm up to one person in particular.

Luckily, it seemed he'd warmed up to it too. Rated T to be safe. Winter with a Frog by PunishedHalves reviews Tsuyu and Izuku tell the story about their first winter to their kids. Retrace Our Steps by Erio99 reviews Midoriya's kindness gets him into all sorts of situations and now is no different. A little girl struggling to control her quirk should have been easy to help, right? Now his mind is failing, and it's taking every ounce of willpower to hold on.

He'll need all the help he can get to keep from forgetting who he is before he loses everything.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

The Feminine Midoriya Izuku. Founder: Railgun14 - Stories: 82 - Followers: - Staff: 2 - id: Lazyreader RottedKarma. A gathering of stories featuring Izuku as a female. Pairings are varied and stories may be complete or still on-going. Now they are 'Quirks' and the world has evolved around them until they became the norm.

May Parker, the daughter of American Pro Hero Spider-Man, tries to follow the example set by her father and her childhood Hero, the legendary All Might, and to do so, she must study at U. Love and Justice by EternallyLostAuthor reviews 10 year old Izuku wanted to be a hero more than anything despite being Quirkless When confronted by a magical cat with a star shaped gem things start to get complicated.

Deku the Bloodfallen by Blades of Chance reviews In the first attempt as a means to continue his legacy, the Symbol of Evil created several beings. One of which was taken and given an actual upbringing. Now, Izuka years later is planning to complete her dream. Assuming, of course, she can overcome the school, the villains, the past and maybe even the heroes themselves.

No pressure. Inspired by Overlord and other franchises. My hero Academia Dekus Mishap by Daniel French reviews Izuku makes a mistake that changes his body forever when a villains power makes him a girl.

An Izuka, female empowerment story in which she faces many obstacles like passing Yuuei's entrance exam, fighting off villains, but most importantly, discovering herself and maybe falling in love along the way.

Tender Roots by UnchartedDreams reviews Just why would Katsuki want to be friends with a girl, anyway? Advent of a Heroine by Felicity Dream reviews Izuku was a fervent fangirl who wanted to be a hero.

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