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R9 390 wattman settings

In March ofmore than three years ago, Pitcairn first saw the light of day. It was in a card called the Radeon HD back then, and it later resurfaced as the R7 Pitcairn continues life as the Radeon R7 This one is being referred to as Trinidad.

Antigua Pro previously called Tonga makes a reappearance as well in the Radeon R9 This card is another rebrand, plain and simple. It was launched in September of The only improvement over its predecessor seems to be higher GPU and memory clock rates. As it sits now, there will be two versions, one with 2GB and one with 4GB; the boards we've seen and tested are the former.

How to Overclock an AMD GPU

Until then, Hawaii needs to hold the fort with more memory, a higher clock rate and even more power consumption than its predecessor. Current page: Introduction. See all comments Nicely done AMD. Keep up the good work Lisa!

Why did you ignore ? I fear for the future. Again I am left disappointed AMD please stop doing this to me. Nice to see Ti still stomps everything, glad I bought one I can only test what I have. Too less samples : The X is'nt a bad card per se - it depends a lot at the price and your personal preferences. Wait, I think I'm misunderstanding something. These are rebadge cards, their new cards are due out in days.It operates very quietly and has performance that outpaces the competition.

It is a refresh of the R9 with some purported manufacturing refinements and configuration changes. The processor formerly known as Hawaii is built on the previous generation's 28nm node, featuring shaders running at MHz in this overclocked trimalong with 64 ROP and texture units. AMD sticks with an aggregate bit memory bus, though the capacity of this card is double most other R9 variants.

Of course, it's only worth chasing a card with 8GB if the board is fast enough to drive the high resolutions and detail settings capable of pushing beyond the bounds of 4GB. It supports the same features as the other Hawaii-based cards, such as DirectX 12 in Windows 10 and TrueAudio to accelerate optimized games.

Current page: Introduction. Home Reviews.

Undervolting AMD R9 390

For Sapphire Radeon R9 Against Power Consumption — Very Large. Sapphire Radeon R9 Sapphire Radeon R9 X. See all comments It's good to see competition so close. It does beg the question as to why hardware several years old is still leading the charge.

Both companies seem to be in a bit of a pit. Hopefully the new manufacturing node size will gets things going again. I am pretty happy with my GTX though. It's a nice card. I m so torn between getting a or gtx But shadowplay is only a fps hit compared amd gvr fps loss.Try these They all have corrected timings. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Sign In Register. Categories Vega Finally Unleashed! Fine-tuned performance and power consumption in a single chassis. September in Mining. I thought this would be easier to find just sifting through past topics, but I'm not having much luck.

I can undervolt a bit, but I've seen mv reccomended, but that just crashes my PC. Any experienced users have advice to optimize this card? September I found some good recommendations from work that push my hashrate to However, it quickly plummets to the low 20s, I assume from throttling since it struggles to stay below 95 degrees PNG Sorry, just realized you don't have ref cards.

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Don't know if this will work on it or not. September edited September SIRacer09 No worries, its still helpful. I reduced my mem down to like you, and did not lose any MH still at However I'm still having temp issues.

Anything below mv and I get crashes. I'm surprised considered the beast of a cooler on this card. I'm close to just pulling it apart and re-applying better thermal paste. What is the AUX voltage you speak of? Wow, what are your fans set at?

How to use AMD's WattMan, the powerful new overclocking tool for Radeon graphics cards

R9 s better than rx ???! I just happen to have a laying around so I'm putting it to use. I just pulled the cooler off to find a minimal amount of old dried thermal paste.

So I applied some Antec Formula 7 and my startup temp dropped from about 55 or 60 down to Now its mining at a stable Log in or Sign up. Has anyone successfully fixed this issue? I have been going thru driver sets trying to find the best one and I am still getting issues.

I am in dire need of some suggestions. My rig is 3 months old.

r9 390 wattman settings

FishproAug 6, Sorry, drivers crash and I get a black screen. Have to restart and I get the Wattman crashed error. I've tried very fix on the internet without any luck. Here's my current Wattman settings that give me an hour or so of game play before it crashes. What about at default Wattman settings? NoisivAug 6, So, when the settings are default they crash quickly. This setting is from an online user who said it fixed his issue and i've used for a month or so.

If you're BSOD-ing at default settings, and if you already tried with the fresh windows installation, and the issue persists, that sounds like hw problem.

Fishpro and OnnA like this. Fishpro likes this. They worked for some time, then it just crashed with a black screen. Untill they stopped booting. The issue was the PSU. MerolaCAug 7, FishproAug 7, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Overclocking the AMD series graphics cards is a slightly different experience from nVidia overclocking, but remains methodologically the same in approach: We tune the clockrate, power, and memory speeds, then test for stability.

The R9 and R9 are already pushed pretty close to their limits.

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The architectural refresh added about 50MHz to the operating frequency of each card, with some power changes and memory clock changes tacked-on. The end result is that the GPU is nearly maxed-out as it is, but there's still a small amount of room for overclocking play. Results will be different for other hardware. As discussed in the review, the R9 and R9 are effectively identical to their preceding components the R9 and R9respectively.

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The table above reflects this. Astute readers will also notice that the pixel and texel rates have increased on the R9 series cards — this is a function of the 50MHz clock increment, as texel rate is calculated as a product of the clockrate and TMUs. Beyond the memory and clock jumps, there are no changes of note for buyers. Owners of the series have little business upgrading, though new buyers may be in the running for a series device.

The Fury devices, which will ship with the new Fiji architecture, are presently priced out of the range of these devices, making them non-competitors to AMD's own lower-end products. Although AMD overclocking can be forced down through MSI Afterburner, the software doesn't have full access to all the tuning settings.

AMD's Catalyst drivers have a built-in overclocking utility that allows for increases to power in percentages, similar to the Maxwell overclocking we've already discussed. Through usage of AMD's targeting reticle, we're able to manipulate the power percentage over or under reference as supplied to the GPU. This directly impacts the amount of power the GPU will drink through its PSU connectors, and directly impacts the resulting clockrates and stability of the overclock.

Attempting to OC just the core clocks and memory clocks without change to the power allotment, for instance, will result in a stifled OC that is throttled by power availability. Too little power, and the GPU will ignore your overclock frequency, instead pushing it as high as is sustainable with the power available.

Power is, like on Maxwell, split between voltage and the clock. Memory overclocking is done on the slider that rests beneath the green-red OC gradient. Whenever overclocks, overvoltage attempts, and over-power attempts are applied to a GPU, there is an inherent risk of destroying the silicon. Overclocking increases thermals and threatens stability, and should only be performed to levels with which the user feels comfortable.

In our case, we're generally working with review hardware, so it's our job to try and find a breaking point. We'd encourage greater caution when pushing upper limits for consumer devices. We tested using our updated GPU test bench, detailed in the table below.

Our thanks to supporting hardware vendors for supplying some of the test components. The latest GeForce AMD Catalyst Just to add and save you days of frustrationthey don't like to be overclocked too much.

r9 390 wattman settings

If you go over this, your rig will most likely crash within the first 24 hours. I prefer having a slightly slower hash rate than having rigs that I have to restart all the time.

It's only a visual annoyance that displayed hashrate bounces up and down like that. Stilt timings applied. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.

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Categories Vega Finally Unleashed! Fine-tuned performance and power consumption in a single chassis. April edited April in Mining. Hey guys, Could you share your experiences undervolting various models of R9 s?

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Have you found any that are voltage-locked? What OS and app did you use? How are your temperatures, power consumption and hashrate now, compared to the stock values? April edited April I had problems with undervolting r9i am using qt miner and sometimes freq of gpu drop and if its undervolted comp froze. So after some searching online I found solution. Instal radeonpro, make a profile for qtminer or ethminer and enable always use highest performance clock while gaiming.

So VDDC is now 1. Should be kind of same with r9 and r9 since its almost same. How correct is gpuz power monitoring?

I've seen some putting 2k psu for r9 Isnt that too much just for mining undervolted? April You have to use watmeter to be sure From as far as I heard ram doesnt use much but yeah is totally fine. Maybe I get one more r9Currently havex and on 1k.

I'm hoping that undervolting would help with this issue. I've got my eye on the Sapphire Nitro, since it's said that they've got a good cooling system. Has anyone got any experience with undervolting that particular model? I'm running 12 x Sapphire Nitros on my 2 newest rigs, and they've been running rock solid. Cooling is quite good considering my open mining frame from spotswood doesn't allow for a lot of space between the cards about 1. I usually go for MSI, but they're out of stock in my area, so had to make do with the cheaper sapphires.

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Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware and Technology Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Nov 20, 2, 21 81 www. Wattman fan control doesn't exist for R9's. Wattman is a total screw up with a horrible interface that doesn't work on R9's in my opinion. What's your take on this?

r9 390 wattman settings

Last edited: Mar 1, DrMrLordX Lifer. Apr 27, 14, 3, Catalyst Why use such an old driver? Dec 5, 1, 1, Thanks Vodka but I'm not interested in modifying the X Bios; however, I have modified main board bios's.


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